Jenny’s Story

Older woman and young woman

Jenny* lived nearby her mother Sandra*, and did a lot to help her during the day as Sandra had begun to show signs of memory loss. It wasn’t long before Jenny noticed that Sandra was neglecting herself in her daughter’s absence; she struggled with basic self-care, forgetting when she had last eaten and skipping meals.

Because her mother hadn’t been formally diagnosed with dementia, Jenny struggled to find the support she needed until she came across Hertswise.

Jenny reached out to our team to explain her difficult situation and was relieved to hear that her local dementia support worker could help. She and her mother were referred to a variety of local services who could help with some of the gaps in care, such as Meals on Wheels. Sandra was also invited to try 1:1 support, and both she and Jenny are looking forward to joining their local Dementia Hub and Carer’s Group, where they can become part of a community who can understand their journey.

*Names changed to protect privacy

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