Tessa & Vince’s Story


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Tessa* and Vince* had always been a sociable couple, but after Tessa was diagnosed with dementia she felt that many of her friends were dismissive of her struggles; they didn’t quite understand what she was going through.

After a home visit with their local Hertswise dementia worker, the couple decided to come along to a Hertswise Hub, excited for the opportunity to meet other people who could empathise with their experiences. By the end of that first afternoon with the group, Tessa and Vince approached the Hub leader with delight – they had gotten so much more from that session than they ever imagined, they explained.  They had found people they really could talk to, and activities they could enjoy as a couple.

The following week, the Hub ran a seated exercise session using rubber resistance bands. Vince, whose mobility is limited by diabetes and other conditions, was pleased to find that this was a physical exercise he could take part in. “I can do this,” he said. “Why has nobody told me about this before? Not my doctor nor my diabetes nurse. This is something I will do at home!”

Having found not only a community, but activities they could both enjoy, Tessa and Vince were glad to have discovered their local hub. They have been readily welcomed back every week.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy

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