Victoria Port, Locality Worker for North Hertfordshire, spoke to some clients within her dementia group about their experiences living with dementia.

Q: What would you say to your past self on the day you got your diagnosis?

A – Colvin: You did the right thing, you will feel so much reassurance from a diagnosis and knowing what it is that is wrong with you. Well done for getting help. Make the most of your time and do what you can.

Q: What do you think people most misunderstand about dementia?

A – Colvin: People don’t always believe I have it. Sometimes I make a mistake or find it hard to find the right words, it’s not always just about remembering things. People aren’t aware that people live well with Dementia and can still do the things they love.

A – Jan: People don’t acknowledge I have it. They pretend that nothing is wrong or expect me to remember everything that they have said. Sometimes they don’t think I behave like someone who has dementia, or they forget so they aren’t quite as patient.

If you or your loved one are living with dementia and would benefit from extra support, why not try our dementia support hubs across Hertfordshire.

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