Chris and Jack’s Story

Chris has been caring for her 79 year old husband Jack, since he was diagnosed with unspecified dementia.

Prior to lockdown, Jack was a very happy and sociable man who attended many community groups in East Herts, which gave structure to his day. Chris attended the groups with him as well as volunteering at their local dementia group in Hertford.

During COVID-19, with many days spent at home, Jacks’ dementia progressed both cognitively and physically. Chris increased his personal care and saw a change in his behaviour as he was always wanting to know where Chris was at all times.

Chris explains:

“Nothing ever changes, being tied down is hard. I am completely exhausted.”

“Jack’s dementia has definitely been affected due to lack of routine and social interaction.”

As their weekly dementia group was cancelled, they joined their group online via Zoom, which they both enjoy.

Jack enjoys seeing everyone’s faces and particularly enjoys singing with the group, but has started to struggle with identifying what is real and what is not, believing that individuals taking part in Zoom are sitting in his house”

During the regular wellbeing calls to her Dementia Support Worker, Chris has bought to light the struggles she has been facing and has broken down on a number of occasions as she has been feeling helpless.

With permission from Chris, their Dementia Support Worker arranged for a week’s respite for Jack in Belmont Care Home, as well as arranging for a disabled parking space outside their home to help with getting Jack from the car into their home.

Before Jack went into respite, we agreed that we would complete a garden visit with him, as he would greatly benefit from face to face contact. We discussed the possibility of a joint garden visit with a couple from the Hertford group as they get on very well, with different activities and quizzes.

Chris has been over the moon with the amount of help she has been given by the Hertswise Team saying:

“…the thing is having the ability to get up and go as and when I please is the part I enjoy the most, I don’t have to be doing anything special because the freedom is the special bit, we don’t realise how lucky we are to have it until it has gone…”

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