Face Covering Exemption Cards Now Available

Face coverings have now become compulsory when using public transport in shops and supermarkets to help keep yourself and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some people have a legal reasonable excuse why they are unable to wear a face covering and are exempt from wearing one. You will be exempt from wearing a face covering/mask if you:

  • are a child aged 11 or under
  • have a disability
  • have a learning disability or Autism
  • would experience server distress putting on, wearing or removing a face covering/mask
  • have any communication needs that require you to lip read
  • have a health problem or condition that could be affected by wearing a face covering for example, problems with your breathing
Download your exemption card here
How to wear and make a face covering

Gov.uk has outlined some simple steps you can follow to help you make and wear a face covering with ease. Visit the website here

3 thoughts on “Face Covering Exemption Cards Now Available

  1. Hi thank you so much for continuing the meets by zoom, this is so nice meeting up with the group at Redbourn,also having post deliveries with quizzes has been fun to do. After loosing my Husband recently this has been such support for me, keeping in touch with Sam during this crisis has been a lifeline for many of us, may it continue
    great work by all the staff at Hertswise.


    1. Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! Both Sam and the rest of The Hertswise Team, are touched with the thanks and praise for the team. We are over the moon that you are enjoying the Zoom sessions and that Sam has been keeping in touch with you, especially during COVID-19. Best wishes, all at Hertswise 🙂


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