“I just miss the physical contact of holding her hand.”

Lockdown has been strange for everyone, especially for John who hasn’t been able to see his wife for three months.

John and his wife have been happily married for 45 years. During her early 60’s his wife, Lesley, was diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia which changed both of their lives. She spent the next five years living at home with John as her primary carer. But as her dementia progressed, John found it difficult to care for her full time so he made the difficult decision to place her in a Nursing Home – where she has been since 2014.

At the Home she has round the clock care available to her, and John has been getting to know the other families of the residents that live with her also. John had a routine where he was able to see Lesley at meal times, but since 9th March 2020 the Nursing Home decided to close its doors to all visitors due to coronavirus.

He was not allowed to visit his wife for 3 months which he said “I found it hard as I was so used to visiting her and now there is that lack of close contact which I miss.”

Whilst he was unable to visit, he has been keeping busy at home by gardening, walking, listening to music, calling people as much as he can, as well as having his Carers Support Groups over Zoom with Sally and Vicky from Hertswise Dementia Service.

“I get upset sometimes as at first I was not able to see my wife, family or friends so I felt very isolated by myself.”

– John

He continues: “I am now allowed to visit Lesley, although it has to be outside 2 metres apart, I have to wash my hands and wear a mask.  I just miss the physical contact of holding her hand, but I am grateful that I now get to see her – even if it is for 15 minutes once a week.”

John, 72

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