Elderly Hertfordshire residents are being targeted by offenders claiming to be Police officers

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hertfordshire Police have sent out notice to alert Hertfordshire residents that there is a spike in cases of courier fraud in Hertfordshire.

Elderly Herts residents are being targeted by offenders claiming to be Police officers – mostly saying they work for the Met Police but in some cases for Herts Police.

The offenders tell them that are investigating someone who works at the bank and that this ‘person’ is suspected of supplying counterfeit currency. The victim is told to go the bank and withdraw large sum of cash so it can be ‘checked’.

A courier attends the victims home address and takes the money. The victim will receive a phone call confirming that there is counterfeit currency in the money handed over. They are requested to return to the bank (or their other banks) to withdraw more money, again this is picked up by a courrier. 

To keep yourself and your family, friends and neighbours safe, Hertfordshire Constabulary have created Scam Safety Documents to help you stay Scam Aware.

If you are not happy with a phone call or are suspicious of a conversation you have with a caller then please end the call and contact police via the non-emergency number, 101. Remember to wait a few minutes before dialling to ensure you are not reconnected to the fraudster.

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