Kim and Philomena’s Story

Being diagnosed with dementia is something that a family would always remember.

kim holding hands.png

Philomena was diagnosed with dementia 17th February 2016 – a date that her family would never forget. She currently lives alone with the support of her Home Instead carers, and her two daughters to help her with her medication, ironing, shopping and meal preparation.

Once a month Philomena and Kim (her daughter) used to attend a dementia cafe in Bishops Stortford, run by The Alzheimer’s Society, which they both thoroughly enjoyed, but unfortunately it got shut down.

With the worry of Philomena not being able to have some social interaction, they got referred to a dementia hub in Sawbridgeworth by Hertswise.

” Hertswise run such an invaluable service that has been great not just for my mum but for me too!” – Kim, Philomena’s Daughter 

Ever since her first session, Philomena has enjoyed every moment of it “There is just so much to do and many opportunities to join in with things.”

With Philomena’s dementia getting progressively worse, she has been every so thankful for the opportunity to join a hub that is welcoming and helps her engage more in the activities.

“At home she now always talks to her carers and her cleaner about the things she does at the hub, and shows them what she makes – thus allowing her to have social interaction with them too.” – Kim, Philomena’s Daughter 

If you would like some more information regarding one of our hubs please contact Herts Help on: 0300 123 4044

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