Bob’s Story

Living with Dementia doesn’t have to be lonely, as Bob found out at one of the Hertswise Hub.

Hertwise bob dementia hub

Bob used to attend the Early Memory Diagnosis and Support Service after being diagnosed with unspecified dementia in 2009 and Alzheimer’s Disease in 2015. Although his dementia has been slow in progression, due to his good level of physical and mental activity, he was referred to Hertswise to help him more with his social interaction and how to maintain his independence.

Hertswise hubs offer a sense of community among local people affected by dementia, as well as access to information, support and a variety activities based on the needs and interests of attendees. Bob was reluctant to attend the hub at first as he said: “Won’t they just be full of old fogies who will be much too ancient for me”, but then his daughter Ruth rang Hertswise to find out some more information about the hubs that they run.

“If I didn’t come to the hub I would miss the interaction and especially the locality workers who are diamonds in the pack.”

– Bob, Hertswise Hub Attendee

Ruth got in contact with one of the support workers, Hollie, who arranged a pre-visit with Bob to discuss the support on offer and what they do at the weekly hub at All Saints Church. Since speaking with Hollie, Bob started to attend the hubs every other week, and has been attending since July 2018. He has said: ” The best thing about going to the hub is that I like to sit back and watch the interaction between the various age groups, when ordinarily they might not cross paths outside of the group.”

Ruth has since seen a brighter side to her father and says: “He enjoys the variety of events that Hertswise organise, particularly musical ones, as well as mixing with the varied attendees at the group, where he has made such great friends.”

Bob is now able to maintain his independence, as he arrives to the hub on his own and actively takes part in his local arts group where he utilises his architect skills to draw portraits on his iPad.

hertwise bob dementia hub 2.jpg


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